Friday, October 1, 2010


X-Men 4 is filming in Oxford! Or was, a few days ago. No lie. Film crew people were swarming the streets, we saw a few extras walking past, a temporary camp had taken over Christchurch meadow, and while out on my morning walk I had a close encounter with a truck and trailer with "Director" on its door. I've long known that Oxford is a popular destination for film shoots (most famously, Harry Potter - I keep feeling like I've fallen into Hogwarts!), but brushing shoulders with such a high-profile film nevertheless left me, and everyone else, a bit starstruck. On our way to the pub the other night, we inadvertently stumbled across a night shoot in progress, which forced us to backtrack and take an alternative route. James McAvoy was supposed to be on set at one point, but alas, I did not see him.

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