Monday, October 18, 2010


Corpus Christi rowing, day one. Seven a.m. meeting time - gah, is it cold out. But the water is still and the morning is quiet.

Some hiccups, yes. Being a totally inexperienced rower in a boat of other totally inexperienced rowers, and feeling ourselves rock from side to side, our oars splayed. The oddity of being completely deaf out on the water and having to lipread the cox - fortunately they've put me in the stroke seat. Trying to figure out how the heck to work this oar.

But yet... The sun rising over the water. Joggers by the river, other rowers streaking by, the ubiquitous ducks watching. And, most wonderfully, the feeling of my body straining and pulling and building heat, from my legs all the way through my core to my shoulders and arms. That sensation of rhythm and tautness and muscle, even if it's not too well-coordinated yet. All of these make the early wake-up call worthwhile.

And no blisters... yet!

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